About Us

Soulfire Spiritual Shoppe is the golden crystal dream shop of Brenda Mari Rossy, aka Brenda Soulfire. This online crystal haven offers grade Grade A+ stones, deluxe crystal kits and tools for the mystic life.

We really live and breathe crystal healing and want to turn you on to crystals as much as we are. Everything you find here is chosen by mystics for mystics.

Our vendors are chosen for their high vibe, heart-felt intention, how much they know and care about their crystals. We try to buy directly from miners whenever we can and know the trajectory of every stone we buy.

Every crystal that you get from us is cleansed, cleared outside overnight and reiki-charged by Brenda for your highest intention. They are ready for you to tune into their vibrations and unlock new understandings within you.

Each kit comes with a description of the stones and clear crystal healing instructions on how to use them. 

We hope you love the crystal kits and metaphysical tools we curate for you. If you don't see what you're looking for, email us and we'll help get it for you too. :)

Our Story

Soulfire Spiritual Shoppe first opened its doors in Isabela, Puerto Rico, in 2016 and quickly became a vortex of peace, connection, and light. It grew into a healing center, networking nexus for healers, moon circle base and ethically-sourced crystal shop.  It also bloomed and sparked a non-denominational island-wide web of Puerto Rican healers, shamans, mystics, priestesses and spiritual folks that still thrives today. There, in that magic space surrounded by lush nature and like-minded minds, people who were awake or curious about spirituality could come to get their tools, meet new soul family and get new information that fired up their soul.

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria blew the roof of the healing center away and uprooted several trees in more ways than one (but not the firepit where we did the moon circles!).

By January, 2018, we moved to Denver, Colorado, to continue to fulfill our mission of tuning you on to the Earth's messengers: the crystals. She opened up a healing space in Glendale and launched several highly successful online healing & 1:1 coaching programs that garnered a global clientele. But she missed the crystals! So the Shoppe was rebirthed again.

In September 2019, Rene Prieto Polymeris joined the Soulfire team as a logistics lead in order to bring back the store online and, this time in a strong global fashion.

About Brenda

Brenda Soulfire is an Arawak and Lakota Red Road crystal medicine woman, Certified Crystal Healer, Usui Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Soulbiz Brand and Content Strategist, A Course in Miracles mentor, rebirthing breathwork practitioner, spiritual life coach, oracle card reader and moon circle leader.

She has a passion for crystals, metaphysics, knowledge, vibrational medicine, books, oracles, shamanism, magic and spiritual development has always fueled her fiery mystic soul.

If you'd like to have a reading, healing or soulbiz brand consultation, or get certified in Reiki and Crystal Reiki with Brenda, head on over to www.brendasoulfire.com and book your inner sparkle today!