Amethyst Points

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The Healer's Stone

Why we love them:

When the anxiety or old patterns are up, there is no other crystal like amethyst to bring you from your inner lobby to your penthouse, quick! Play with and gaze at these when you listen to your favorite self-help guru, slip them in your office water to dispel the attachment overload, or place over your third eye for 15 minutes. These high-grade, reikied points are ready to help you on your spiritual path.

Grade AA Amethyst Points from Brazil

Metaphysical Uses:

  • Release attachments
  • Natural tranquilizer
  • Dispels anger
  • Brings you to a higher vibrational state
  • Balance mood swings
  • Help let go of addictions
  • Activates spiritual awareness
  • Clear low vibing emotions
  • Enhance psychic abilities
  • Mental/emotional clarity
  • Alleviates ascension symptoms
  • Third Eye and Crown Chakra Activator