Anxiety Bye Bye Crystal Grid Kit


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Anchor your peace!

Why we love it:

In this world full of fools (including us sometimes!) this vortex of frequencies can connect you to your peace. Use this crystal grid kit to soothe away your anxiety and reach new heartfelt understandings of what is happening to you inside. Lepidolite has a lot of lithium in it, which is amazing for an even keel head. And ruby in fuchsite helps us understand our passions, what drives us, our heartfelt desires. Both are energy clearing stones and very soothing. Arranged on this flower mandala base they bring in the energy of beauty and grace into your space.

Metaphysical Uses:

  • Dials down anxiety
  • Reach new understandings
  • Heart wisdom activation
  • Pain relief
  • Expansion
  • Activate the energy of beauty and grace
  • Soothes fears
  • Crown and Heart Chakra soothin


  • 6 Grade A lepidolite slices
  • 1 Hand polished ruby in fuchsite
  • 1 wooden Flower Mandala Crystal Grid Base