Bad Vibe Be Gone! Toxic Space Transmuter Crystal Grid

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Call the light to your low-vibing space and time, now!

Whether it's your office or your family room, spaces can get super icky energywise. But they'll have a fighting chance if you set and program these sparkly rock allies to vibe your intentions out like beacons of your love in the middle of your busiest room.


1 6-inch Smokey Quartz Generator from Brazil. El Abuelo Smokey Quartz grid centerpiece is the energetic filter of your space. Smokey Quartz is the quintessential transmuter of bad and low energy. And this one has sooo many rainbows, it is set to vacuum clean those darker frequencies in your space. Specify if you want the shorter or longer one.

4 AAA+ grade black tourmalines from China. Black Tourmaline is the ultimate space protector and grounder of the crystal healing world. These are your crystal healing guard dogs, protectors and grounders of the energy in the space.

4 Star Rose Quartz Gems from Morocco. Bring in the loove in the mix with these gemmy star rose quartz nuggets. Rose Quartz is the most popular emotional healing stone, has a yummy soft vibe and bings out the best in everyone energetically.

1 Clear Quartz Crystal Point. This is your energetic pen or wand. With this one you command your protection grid and send intentions from your heart to the center stone and then the surrounding support stones. Detailed instructions

1 Set of Detailed Instructions on Setup, Intending, Programming, Energetic Checkups, Monthly Clearings, and more.

This grid requires a monthly clearing and resetting for it to assist you better.

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