Blue Apatite


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The Third Eye Zinger

Why we love it:

This deeply spiritual stone immerses you in your psychic senses the minute you place it over your third eye area. It has the same phospate composition as the crystals in our bones and teeth, and that we have in small measure in our pineal gland, therefore activating and resonating with your Third Eye Chakra energy center. 

Blue apatite is a motivational stone. It promotes independence and ambitious drives, so resonates particularly well for entrepreneurs and go-getters, and for anyone who now wishes to embody and vibrate to that high forward-facing frequency.

Blue apatite supports you in:

  • Clears Away Confusion
  • Inner Clarity and Peace
  • Clears Mental Body
  • Past Life Work
  • Visualization 
  • Meditation
  • Awakens your Finer Self
  • Healing glands
  • Encourages Deeper States of Spiritual Experience
  • Overcome self-consciousness and fear of being seen
  • Third Eye and Throat Chakra Balancing


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