Celestial Aura Quartz


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Enter the blue mystic!

Check out these gorgeous deep blue Celestial Aura Quartz Clusters. The Celestial Aura is brought to you by the bonding at high temperatures of Iolium and Gold to the surface of your quartz, imbuing it with communication and clarity of vision enhancement.

Indium has long been considered a non essential trace mineral. New findings, however, are beginning to change that. Indium seems to enhance food and mineral absorption by the body. Furthermore, it helps correct mineral deficiencies you may not even know about. Most people experience beneficial results immediately. The ones who need this crystal and mineral in their lives will know it on the spot.

Celestial Aura Quartz supports you with these type of vibrations:

  • Redraws the etheric blueprint
  • Soothes panic attacks
  • Mental and emotional stability
  • Soothes psychosis
  • Counteract obesity and excessive hiding behind something
  • Purification
  • Third Eye activator
  • Helps you stick to your own spiritual path
  • Develop your psychic senses
  • Acceptance with what is
  • Assimilation
  • Communion with Christ Consciousness
  • Integration 
  • Understanding multidimensionality