Amethyst Points


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The Healer's Stone


These grade AA points from Brazil have a deep purple hue and have been reiki-charged with the highest intention to uplevel your spiritual understandings.

Why we love them:

Chill with them on your crown chakra, put them on your pillow overnight when the dark thoughts crawl, or vortex your chakras with them to draw out all the lower vibes out of your aura.

Amethyst supports you in finding your way to:

  • Protection
  • Purification
  • Release of Addictions
  • Letting go of old Patterns
  • Help root causes of behaviors and imbalances
  • Powerful metaphysical ally 
  • Helps victims and the disassociated
  • Helps you to feel at home on Earth
  • Bridge dimensions
  • Soothe your anger
  • Dial down your anxiety
  • Surrender to the divine
  • Open and clears 3rd & Crown Chakra
  • Accelerates intuition and psychic abilities