Crystal Skulls

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The Crystals of High Consciousness

Crystals skulls are known for promoting profound healing, and life-changing transformations. They help us unlearn the societal norms and constrictions placed upon by others and really help bloom the innate wisdom and true nature of ourselves.

Crystals that are shaped by human hands take on the energy and symbolism of the shape. In this case, these crystals have been carved to work specifically with the human mind, and its symbolic container, the skull.

For our ancestors, a skull represented consciousness and eternal life, because the skull remains with us long after the body has turned to stone, preserving the wisdom of the elders after they have transitioned. The skull was not a symbol of death or doom. It was of deep wisdom and reverence for the ancestors.

Why We Love It

Crystal skulls are a tool for storing energy and information, for accessing higher levels of consciousness, for healing, for divination, for ascension, and transcendence. It also helps us in our shadow work, making us look inside of ourselves for a deeper connection to our outside universe. We love meditating in front of our altar with it and getting mega intense downloads and aha! moments!

These are in clear quartz and rose quartz, but we will soon bring in more stone varieties. :)

Crystal Skulls Metaphysical Uses and Properties:

  • Unlearning societal limits
  • Tapping into innate wisdom
  • Upleveling our spiritual dominance
  • Storehouse of information
  • Transference of lineage wisdom
  • Divination 
  • See into time and space
  • Remote viewing
  • Spiritual learning and development
  • New understandings
  • Activations
  • Realizations

They are perfect for:

  • Conscious evolution
  • Insight
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Transformation
  • Dreams
  • Meditation messages
  • Shadow work supporter