Crystal Magnets

Soulfire Spiritual Shoppe, LLC

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Bless your fridge with these gorgeous Crystal Magnets!

Choose a powerful Natural Quartz Point or a super shiny Amethyst Cluster.

Why we love it:

We can send good vibes to our food via crystals and maintain the subtle energies of the fridge realm with these gorgeous, high quality crystal devas. Stick them to the fridge, or your car, or any metal furniture around you to increase the beauty and also be able to program the vibe in that space.

Metaphysical Uses:


  • Very Programmable
  • Clarity
  • Light
  • High Vibration
  • Seeing beyond
  • Seeing the light in the dark
  • Order
  • Information flow


  • Protection
  • Detachment
  • Psychic Development
  • Calm
  • Intuition

1 3-4 inch Clear Quartz or Amethyst Cluster mounted on magnet.