Green Calcite

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The Heart Renewer

Why we love it:

This Grade AAA Mine Rough Green calcite carries the energy of the Higher Heart, the Healer's Heart. It brings new hope and brightens your world the minute it nears your heart space. Any sorrow you've been carrying long term that you are ready to let go of, this Mineral Kingdom glossy darling can help you clear it. Sleep with it for 21 days while you journal away the hurt or drink its gem water for vitality boosts. Mystically delish!

Metaphysical uses:

  • Emotional healing
  • Lifts sorrow
  • Brings back sense of purpose
  • Emotional vitality
  • Renew desire for life
  • Stimulates compassion
  • Softens mood
  • Assists change
  • Spark True Forgiveness
  • Heart and Higher Heart Chakras Activator
  • Shift mental/emotional stuckness
  • Improve energy flow (like all calcites)