Hand Polished Lapis Lazuli


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The King's Stone

Why we love it:

Hold this stone when you want to feel like royalty. Lapis is one of the most sought-after stones since man began mining it. It's deep indigo color continues to be the symbol for royalty and vision, honor, communication with the gods and power. It was used in ancient Egypt only for royalty. It is mostly composed of Lazurite, Sodalite, Calcite and Pyrite, and is a rich medium to royal blue with gold flecks (pyrites). These come from a family business Afghanistan who mine and polish the stones themselves.

Tap into the power of Lapis Lazuli when you need to step up in your game and lead, put one in your pocket during that important presentation or writing that groundbreaking article. Lapis is an excellent stone for executives, journalists, and psychologists, stimulating wisdom and good judgment in the practical world. Also great to carry it into your next audition.

Metaphysical Uses:

  • 3rd Eye Opener
  • Boosts Clairvoyance 
  • Visual guidance
  • Remote viewing 
  • Meditative journeys
  • Past life viewing
  • Leadership
  • Enhances Intellectual Activity
  • Expands Creativity
  • Supports the Spoken and Written Word
  • Stone of truthtelling and high vision
  • See the bigger picture
  • Helps to learn something
  • Balances the Throat and Third Eye Chakras