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The Heart Detoxifier

Malachite is one of the most important protection stones in the crystal healing world. Being toxic and beautiful itself, it helps protect you from negative, or lower, denser vibrations. It has long been used to absorb negative energy from both the atmosphere and the body. It clears and activates all the chakras, but particularly you heart, while it attunes you to the available spiritual guidance. 

Why we love it:

Malachite emanates the healthy vibrational pattern of the heart and thus creates a shield in your aura. It helps to develop empathy with others and has a calming effect which helps provide you with a stable energy body and increased mental clarity. Malachite helps one to let go of negative past experiences and to move forward with a clear mind and enhanced focus.

The miners gave these high grade spacimens a special high gloss polish during the final stage of tumbling to increase shine and luster, and make sure the toxic minerals are sealed in. 

Grade AAA Malachite from Zaire. 1-2 inches. Polished 

Metaphysical Uses :

Malachite aids you to tune vibrationally this way.

  • Protection against negativity 
  • Protection from psychic attacks
  • Spiritual cleansing
  • Creativity
  • A healed heart
  • Confidence
  • Strengthen our ability to act
  • Burns though confusion
  • Draw out impurities and attachments in energy field
  • Create a protective shield around the aura
  • Grounding tool
  • Recognize your own power
  • Restoring strength and self-expression
  • Embody enlightened leadership
  • Identify steps to reach your goals
  • Ground creative ideas
  • Reveals and clarifies energetic and emotional boundaries
  • Protection from abuse
  • Help alleviate pain of any kind