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Nanu nanu!

Toxic and slightly radioactive, these ultra high-vibing green crystals definitely tune you into extraterrestial realm. These neon green crystals are great to use in grids where you want to access totally new information or for creating something new. These work with your Heart, Crown and Soul Star Chakras.

Metatorbenite is a radioactive phosphate mineral, and is a dehydration pseudomorph of torbernite. 

Chemically, it is a copper uranyl phosphate and usually occurs in the form of green platy deposits.  It is named after the Swedish chemist Tornbern Bergmann. 

This is a mineral collector's piece and should go on your altar, or better yet, inside a glass box in your altar, only to be take out and worked with vibrationally when you are ready for spiritual activation. Metaphysically it instantaneosly brings you to the telepathic ET realm and is a kick ass stone to uplevel your channeling. But yes, handle with the outmost care. And above all, wash your hands after handling!

This is a 3-inch specimen is from the Apex Uranium Mine in Lander County, Nevada, United States.