Mini Chakra Strengthening Kit


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What?: One chakra stone with 8 mini quartz points to amplify the balancing vibration.

Why we love it:

Place it over your weakest chakra for weekly focused crystal healing sessions.

Choose from:

1 Polished Root Chakra Stone: Red Jasper from Madagascar for Grounding, Nurturing and Solid Foundations

1 Polished Sacral Chakra Stone: Carnelian from Madagascar for Creativity, Sexual Healing and Vitality

1 Rough Solar Plexus Chakra Stone: Honey Calcite from Mexico for Digestive Ease, Bee Proudness and Confidence

1 Polished Heart Chakra Stone: Gemmy Start Rose Quartz from Madagascar for Emotional Healing, Yummy Bliss Out Feel and Self Love Spark.

1 Polished Throat Chakra Stone: Amazonite from Madagascar for Mermaid singing, Voice activation and full GF Opinion support.

1 Polished Blue Apatite Stone from Madagascar for Thrid Eye awakening, Visions Galore and Intuition in the Nation.

1 Natural Amethyst Point from Veracruz, Mexico for Divine Connection, soothing the Addictive Demons and Blissing out with the detoxifying purple flame.