Mookite Jasper

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The Soothing Water Spirit

Mooka comes from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘running waters’. This is a stone that helps you tap into your own flow, encouraging a shift in energy and the ability to simply let go. Its energy is felt slowly but surely, in a very nurturing way.

It is a stone from the wild Aboriginal areas of Australia. It has a strong animal pull, and is excellent for tapping into your spirit animal powers, as well as encouraging you to work on your own instinct to find a new direction.

Why We Love It

Mookite Jasper nurtures you until you find yourself.

It helps you overcome procrastination by unraveling the truth that sits beneath your lack of stirring and motivates you to take the right action. If you feel out of touch with your gut and you are wallowing in indecision, this stone can help to bring you back to a place of self-trust. Pop one of these in your bag, rub them when you need strength and call on them to protect you as you discover your shamanic roots and powers.

Mookite Jasper Metaphysical Uses and Properties:

  • Root Chakra activator
  • Body age processor
  • Earth connector
  • Life flow enhancer
  • Spiritual healer
  • Grounding and strength
  • Stress reliever
  • Wholeness
  • Relief from burnout
  • Protection during shamanic journeys and ceremonies
  • Nourishing the self
  • Nurturing your spiritual path
  • Connect with Ancestors

2-4 inches long polished Mookite Jasper Gallets from Madagascar.