Moqui Marbles (pair)

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The Shaman's Stone

Moqui Marbles are hematite concretions in Iron Ore. Concretions are sandstone balls cemented by a hard shell of iron oxide minerals. The are similar to rocks called blueberries found in Mars. Moqui Marbles come from Utah’s Navajo desert.

The word Moqui comes from the Hopi Tribe, previously known as the Moqui Indians. Moqui Marbles were named after these indigenous people who lived in the Navajo desert area and utilized the power of Moqui for spiritual practices and games.

There is a now a ban on extracting these slightly magnetic rock concretions and they are becoming more rare by the day as people buy the circulating inventory before the ban. Although you can no longer remove Moqui balls from their natural environment, there are still some surviving old stock stones that are legal to sell. These were mined before then and kept by miners in Utah, and now passed on to you!

Why we love them:

These shamanic stones ground and protect you like nothing else during a shamanic journey. They can be paired in female and male. To determine whether a stone is male or female, hold a pendulum directly above the stone. If it moves in a circular motion, the Moqui Ball is female; whereas, if the pendulum moves in a linear direction, the stone is male. 

Where did they get the name Shaman Stone? The indigenous shamans used these Moqui rocks for their spiritual properties and healing energies. These rare stones also go by the name of Moki Marbles, Moqui Balls, Thunderballs, Hopi Marbles, Entrada Berries, Kayenta Berries, Navajo Berries, and Navajo Cherries. The children were known to play with these stones, particularly the smaller ones, and used them like you would use marbles, hence the name Moqui Marbles.

This listing is for a pair of male and female shaman stones. 

Metaphysical uses:

  • Protection
  • Attraction
  • Manifestation 
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Inner growth
  • Grounding
  • Energizing
  • Clearing your aura
  • Protection during out of body experience
  • Release deeply rooted fears
  • Spiritual leadership and empowerment