Pink Calcite Sphere

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The Stone of Sweet Compassion

This little lady is all about heart intention, learning to be delicate with yourself, and cultivating unconditional love for all living things. It's time to breathe deep, let go of expectations, and be present in the perfection of imperfect moments. 

Calcite's name comes from the ancient Greek word Chalix and the Latin word Calx – which basically translates to lime. Rather than referring to color, the link to lime is a nod to its makeup of crystallized limestone.

Why We Love It

Calcite can help us to reconnect to our very center soul and can even encourage us to tap into hidden psychic abilities. It also helps us to clear out the negative energy and junk that has been stashed away in the back of your mental closet. And it helps to keep your organs detoxed and keep good blood circulation and a healthy immune system.

Spheres help distribute the energy of the stone more evenly. This one is perfect for meditation, for increasing self love and heart healing.

Pink Calcite Metaphysical Uses and Properties:

  • Clear out blockages
  • Activate the chakras
  • Higher spiritual connection
  • Balance
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Healing
  • Romance clarity

2 inch diameter sphere Grade A Pink Calcite from Madagascar.