Pink Lace Agate


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The Heart Mender

Agates are a translucent chalcedony and they come in all sorts of wonderful colors and stone combinations. Pink Lace Agate is known for its soothing, heart-warming vibration. It is known to help people overcome heart bitterness, return a broken heart to a smoother frequency and stabilize the aura after shock. 

Why we love it :

Agates tend to be very protective of their masters, often taking in lower, denser vibrations and psychic attacks into themselves and breaking off before it affects their owner. The soothing vibration of agates combined with the wonderful pink and light orange hues makes this polished stone a powerful ally to recover after shattering heartbreak. It is calming, soothing and centering. Working subtly, but consistently in your energy field to stabilize it and bring it back to its original Love vibration.

Small 1-2 inch wide Polished Grade AA Pink Lace Agates from Botswana.

Metaphysical Uses:

This stone supports you vibrationally with:

  • Overcoming bitterness
  • Healing after heartbreak
  • Dispells fear
  • Calms aura
  • Reconnects you to your heart
  • Soothes anxiety
  • Downplays and transforms negativity
  • Heals inner anger
  • Boosts sense of security
  • Amps up the self confidence
  • Restores sense of self