Big Polished Amethyst Points

Soulfire Spiritual Shoppe, LLC

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Anchor the calm in your world with this stunning crystal deva.

Why we love it:

Polished natural points are great as powerful aha! moment meditation tools, crystal grid centerpieces or sacred space establishers. Their pyramidal form and solid natural base creates a beautiful synergy of Heaven meets Earth connection. Amethyst also brings in so much beauty and calm into the space, and these do so wonderfully.

Metaphysical Uses:

  • Detachment
  • Spiritual Development
  • Purification
  • Release of addictions
  • Psychic Downloads
  • Calm

Polished 6-7 inch long Grade A polished natural amethyst points from Brazil.

Flower of Life Wooden Crystal Grid Base sold apart. Look for it in the search bar in this shop!