Polished Clear Quartz Point


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The Swiss Army Knife of Crystal Healing

These gorgeous crystal points come from a lovely lady we met from China. Clear quartz is the one crystal you need if you are ever stuck on an island and had to choose just one. It is the most programmable of all crystals, brings light, clarity and focus to any situation and goes with just about any intention you have.

Quartz runs the Information Age we are in and is your biggest ally when it comes to manifesting your intentions. Having been cut with a base and facets also focuses their energy more directly, making them a must in every energy healer's toolkit.

Points are short and fat and are awesome centerpieces for grids.

Wands are longer and can be used to vortex the energy in the chakras and remove lower vibrations from your aura after a scan.

Please note: The vibrational medicine information on this web site is not a substitute for consulting a health care professional. It is meant as a spiritual/mental/emotional/bioelectromagnetic support information for the mystic lifestyle, and is one of the most fun parts of an integrative care and holistic lifestyle that includes all types of alternative healing modalities that work for you. Any information contained here, including that related to medical, mental and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only and are anecdotal in nature. Though crystals can only make you feel better,  do consult your doctor or health care professional before starting any alternative treatments, diets, supplements or exercise programs. Thanks for understanding!