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Call in the money! 

Aka Fool's Gold, Pyrite is the quintessential money attracting stone, and these small Chispa Pyrite specimens from Mexico do not disssappoint.

Why we love it:

Stare at its metallic luster glistening for hours as you brainstorm how to take over your biz world by surprise, use it as a money manifesting tool or place it on your desk for aura protection and success vibe support. 

Metaphysical Uses:

  • Protection from injuries
  • Attract Prosperity
  • Protects from Negativity 
  • Protection from Injuries 
  • Blocks energy leaks
  • Mends auric tears
  • Brightens mood
  • Protect from environmental pollution and physical danger
  • Solar Plexus Activator
  • Shielding stone
  • Leadership
  • Ally for managers and those seeking promotion 
  • Enhances Masculine energies
  • Boosts self woth
  • Helps overcome victim mentality
  • Confidence 
  • Scaling new heights