Rough Septarian Geode Pieces


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Rough Septarian Geode pieces from Madagascar.

Metaphysical Uses:

  • Shamanic journeying
  • Ritual protection
  • Connection with ancestors
  • Nurturing and grounding
  • Improves communication skills
  • Group work and leadership support
  • Lower chakra balance and nurture

Why we love it:

When it's circle day, it's time to lead and you've got your moon on, it's time to grab the Ultimate Protector:Mama Septarian. Septarian is a geode that is a combination of yellow calcite, brown aragonite, grey limestone and white/clear barite, thus it has properties of each of its component minerals. 

These Grade A rough pieces got to us straight from the mine, so their energy is super high. Grab them when your energy is low and you still need to lead. Great grounding, vitalizing, nurturing stones to have around your desk, yoga studio or radio booth.