Selenite Cut Through


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Darkness be gone! Cut through confusion. This powerhouse light saber energy healing tool support the lighthouse that you are during tricky energy work.

Why we love it:

Selenite is the quintessential light stone. It is natural fiber optic, made of old, compressed, petrified ocean, and the best for downloading torrents of divine light, which is the frequency of information. Use this during cord cutting ceremonies, new moon manifestation rituals or pure lightworker badassery. Also perfect for shamanic journeying into the currently chaotic Middle World. Súper impressive tool to have in your healer arsenal!! 

Selenite supports you with:

  • Instilling calmness
  • Meditation enhancement
  • Recharge other crystals 
  • Amplify energies
  • Good for Spinal column issues
  • Promotes flexibility 
  • Brings in the light in the dark
  • Perfect for shamanic journeying
  • Sharpens insight 
  • Clears confusion
  • Seeing the deeper picture