Mystery Soothing Stones

Soulfire Spiritual Shoppe, LLC

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Rub those worries away with these smooth pocket stones!

Why we love them:

Rubbing stones have been polished down to create a smooth surface you can use to send your erratic vibrations into. They irradiate their energy all around and are perfect to have in your pocket when certain situations trigger anxiety in us. 

Have them with you at work, when crisis strikes your family or the pressures of the world seem too much. Rub on them to release energy. This action of moving your thumb back and forth across the stone can reduce your stress significantly.

Brenda will pick a stone for you to send your worries into. Trust that it is the right one for you. :)

You will receive an intuitively picked flat, round, polished stone about 2" diameter in one or more of the following stones: rose quartz, jasper, bloodstone, or agate. 

Metaphysical Uses:

  • Calming anxiety
  • Making decisions
  • Releasing extra energy
  • Cooling down anger
  • Understanding energy
  • Grounding
  • Cleansing